Registration Info

  • Pre-registration only. You must be pre-registered to participate at Steel In Motion in 2019. See the home page for more information.
  • Open to Pre-70 Traditional Hot Rods, Customs, Gassers, and Front Engine Dragsters.
  • Open to any year Custom Chopper or Bobber.
  • No billet wheels or plus sized aftermarket wheels of any kind (pro-touring, donks, etc.) No directional wheels.
  • Some wheel exceptions will be made for full out drag cars only.  All street cars must adhere to the wheel rules.
  • No Camaros or Mustangs.
  • Open to Pre-80 American bodied Funny Cars
  • Drag cars must be vintage styled, no 80s/90s or current age style drag cars. Decals must be vintage or vintage styled.
  • Only registered vehicles are allowed on the track.
  • All motorcycle riders must wear a helmet.
  • No drinking and racing.
  • We encourage everyone to wear a helmet but require a helmet to be worn if your car or truck exceeds 80 mph in the 1/8 mile. It is our and the track’s discrepancy to require a helmet if we deem a vehicle too fast. Please be responsible and wear a helmet if you know or feel your vehicle is capable of meeting or exceeding 80 mph.
  • All drivers of open top cars, roadsters and front engine dragsters must wear a helmet.
  • No passengers.
  • Motorcycle riders can’t have bare skin showing. You must wear gloves, pants and at least a long sleeve shirt when racing.
  • Please read…. We have been asked several times if it is acceptable to our rules for a car to have the mobsteel (Detroit) wheels. The answer is no. The over sized steel wheels is a current fad that has nothing to do with traditional hot rodding. 

If your car or truck was manufactured during a year that seatbelts were installed by the manufacturer, you must wear a seat belt. It is our and the track’s discrepancy to require a seat belt for any car or truck regardless of year, if it appears to reach speeds warranting the request.

 Mini-Bike Registration  

Attention: Change to the Mini Bikes

Unfortunately we are going to have to stop all Mini Bike riding and racing. This is a dissappointment because it has been a big part of Steel In Motion but it is a decision that is in best interest for the participants safety.

We will have a Mini Bike show and award!!! Please bring out those cool vintage Mini Bikes and display them in the Mini Bike and Bicycle corral located near the music stage.

  • Open to vintage style mini-bikes.
  • No chopper styled mini-bikes.
  • Free mini-bike registration with registered vehicle, otherwise you must pay to register.


Vintage Bicycle Registration

  • Open to vintage stock and custom bicycles.
  • No registration fee. Register at the Geargoyles tent.
  • Registered bicycles will be displayed in the bicycle corral, located near the music stage.
General Rules

  • No glass containers
  • No alcoholic beverages in the staging lanes.

Only registered vehicles allowed on the track. (no spectator vehicles, golf carts, mopeds, dirt bikes, ect..)