See below for updated rules.

Registration Info

  • No Pre-registration for 2020.
  • New cut off year – Open to Pre-72 Traditionally styled Hot Rods, Customs, Gassers, and Front Engine Dragsters.
  • No extreme rat rods, which we will refer to as shock rods. You know the type. Those with spikes, rubber rats, chicken wire, spider webs everywhere, beer can velocity stacks and things done for the sole purpose of shock.
  • Open to any year Custom Chopper or Bobber.
  • New wheel rules – 20″ maximum wheel diameter. All aftermarket wheels must be traditionally styled such as “Torque Thrust, Salt Flat, Rally Wheel, MOB Steel, Cragar SS” to name a few. No directional wheels.
  • No Camaros or Mustangs.
  • Open to Pre-80 American bodied Funny Cars
  • Drag cars must be vintage styled, no 80s/90s or current age style drag cars. Decals must be vintage or vintage styled.
  • Only registered vehicles are allowed on the track.
  • All motorcycle riders must wear a helmet.
  • No drinking and racing.
  • We encourage everyone to wear a helmet but require a helmet to be worn if your car or truck exceeds 80 mph in the 1/8 mile. It is our and the track’s discrepancy to require a helmet if we deem a vehicle too fast. Please be responsible and wear a helmet if you know or feel your vehicle is capable of meeting or exceeding 80 mph.
  • All drivers of open top cars and roadsters must wear a helmet.
  • No passengers.
  • Motorcycle riders can’t have bare skin showing. You must wear gloves, pants and at least a long sleeve shirt when racing.

If your car or truck was manufactured during a year that seatbelts were installed by the manufacturer, you must wear a seat belt. It is our and the track’s discrepancy to require a seat belt for any car or truck regardless of year, if it appears to reach speeds warranting the request.

 Mini-Bike Registration  

Attention: Change to the Mini Bikes

Unfortunately we are going to have to stop all Mini Bike riding and racing. This is a dissappointment because it has been a big part of Steel In Motion but it is a decision that is in best interest for the participants safety.

We will have a Mini Bike show and award!!! Please bring out those cool vintage Mini Bikes and display them in the Mini Bike and Bicycle corral located near the music stage.

  • Open to vintage style mini-bikes.
  • No chopper styled mini-bikes.
  • Free mini-bike registration with registered vehicle, otherwise you must pay to register.


Vintage Bicycle Registration

  • Open to vintage stock and custom bicycles.
  • No registration fee. Register at the Geargoyles tent.
  • Registered bicycles will be displayed in the bicycle corral, located near the music stage.
General Rules

  • No glass containers
  • No alcoholic beverages in the staging lanes.

Only registered vehicles allowed on the track. (no spectator vehicles, golf carts, mopeds, dirt bikes, ect..)